Sunday, 28 August 2016

Poems with Mrs Wallace

Recently in Term 3 we have been doing story starters in writing with Mrs Wallace. Each time we had a different genre like mystery,adventure,science fiction etc.   We would start the story but not finish it. Our goal was to build tension to make the story interesting.  We also had to focus on having a similar amount of dialogue for both action and scene. Down below is my science fiction story starter which I was most proud of out of all my story starters.

I slowly crawled out of bed and glanced at the clock.
Oh no it was 8:20 there was no way I would be on time to school.
I was imagining Stella,Estelle and Skye waiting for me.
I got ready as quick as I could and sprinted off.
"Wait up!" I shouted to my friends who were now walking towards the school.
"Where were you?" asked Stella
I kicked the pebbles and ignored her.
10 mins later we arrived to the school.
Again we could already hear the screaming from the classroom in the hallway.
We put our bags down then suddenly there was a flash in whole school.
"What was that?" Estelle asked in fear.
All four of us started walking back to the door.
Then Stella pointed out a purple spiral on the wall at the end of the hallway.
We noticed something else strange; there was no other kids it was silent.
"Where have they gone?" Skye said
We finally found a kid shivering in the corner.
We then started walking to the kid then he got pulled into the purple spiral.
I gasped
"what was happening?" I asked to my friends doubting they would know.
Where did he portal lead to?
Before I knew it we were falling into the portal as well.


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  1. Wow, I thought your story starter was very interesting and I loved reading it. Your information about it and what your goal was with it was really informative as well. I wish I could read on.