Sunday, 28 August 2016

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Vibby-only the moments that matter
A few days ago, Mrs Knofflock taught us how to use Vibby, a website designed to take out particular parts of a youtube video. With Mrs Knofflocks' help, we made an account and composed a Vibby video using a random youtube clip. First we had to choose the part of the video we were going to use for the Vibby. Then we had to paste the youtube link onto Vibby and pause and play when we wanted to highlight the needed part. After we thought we had finished, we pressed 'Finish Vibby' and TADAA! We had completed our Vibby. Vibby started with a simple mission, to help the world make the most of a video. Vibby now has a crew of seven video geeks who help the online needs. They are even asking for more help! Vibby has a blog! Vibby's motto is, "only the moments that matter'. And I must say, I am glad someone thought of Vibby! 

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