Thursday, 15 December 2016

Farewell Class of 2016

Wishing all our Room 2 families a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a safe and fun filled holiday break.  It has been a great year filled with fun, laughter and learning and making new friends..
We wish all our departing Year 6's all the best for the next part of their learning journey and look forward to hearing about their future successes.

Love and best wishes Mrs K, Mrs V, Mrs Wallace and Room 2 pupils

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Story starter

For some of this year Room 2 have worked on writing story starters. We were told to write one about an object that we could find in the attic. I wrote my story starter about a old wedding dress that is quite dirty and worn. Here is my story starter,

Under an old tatty blanket, lying still in the gloomy damp attic was what looked like an old wedding dress. I wondered who had last worn it? How old was it? Where did it come from?  It was ripped in many places, mostly in the stomach area and mud and dirt had soaked through the dress. It shimmered like it still had some life left in it. I reached out to touch it and most of the beautiful beads fell off into my hands. I started to wondered what was the reason it became soaked in dirt and mud.

By Neela

Auckland Library Road Show

In the 20th of September had a visit from the Auckland Library Road Show crew.
They showed us lots of cool things they have at the library, like eBooks,i dinosaur book,some of there favorite books and how to get a library card.
They also showed us a really funny play including some of our classmates. The i dinosaur book was really cool all you had to do was get and iPad and scan the book and whatever dinosaur you scanned would pop up on the iPad.

I really enjoyed the Auckland Library Roadshow.

Image result for auckland library
By Chris

Judi Billcliff

A couple of weeks ago Judi Billcliff came to our school. She talked to us about her poetry and writing. She was so funny. Some people did a play about little red riding hood but mixed it up a bit. Granny Goes Bungy Jumping is a poetry book.

If you are wondering what Granny has got on, it's her underwear. And she has another book it is called  Granny Goes to Hip Hop. 
And Granny does the Boogey.

These 3 books are what she showed us. She read some poems out of the book, some of the poems are inappropriate.One is about peeing in the shower. It was about this boy who peed in the shower when the mum found out she told his Dad and he said doesn't everyone do it.  

Blog Post - Franklin

Gold Coast Baseball

In January 2017, Thursday the 5th I will be going to Australia for baseball.
I was chosen for an U12 baseball team from Auckland and Wellington. To get in the team you had to trial, the coaches looked at your defense, pitching, batting, sprinting and stamina. We will play against the Australian teams and play 1-2 games a day. We have intense training every Saturday or Sunday, and we have to practice at home as well. My position for baseball will be outfielder, this is a very important position as lots of balls are hit into the outfield. Many famous MLB baseball players are also outfielders. I feel very proud to be playing for New Zealand. Even though this isn't officially a NZ national team, it is still a team from New Zealand.



With Wallace these last weeks we have been doing surrealism for art. We all love doing things with Mrs Wallace and she loves working with us too, this has been my favorite art project this year I really hope we do more of this down here will be my surrealism art hope you like it.


We are right back into it

Welcome back to you all and I hope everyone had a great break despite the less than pleasant weather.  Room 2 have got straight back into work and made a great start to the day with a focused and busy reading session.
We look forward to another hardworking term.