Sunday, 9 October 2016

Judi Billcliff

A couple of weeks ago Judi Billcliff came to our school. She talked to us about her poetry and writing. She was so funny. Some people did a play about little red riding hood but mixed it up a bit. Granny Goes Bungy Jumping is a poetry book.

If you are wondering what Granny has got on, it's her underwear. And she has another book it is called  Granny Goes to Hip Hop. 
And Granny does the Boogey.

These 3 books are what she showed us. She read some poems out of the book, some of the poems are inappropriate.One is about peeing in the shower. It was about this boy who peed in the shower when the mum found out she told his Dad and he said doesn't everyone do it.  

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