Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jonathan's Storm Poem

Storm Poem

I was at home all alone apart from the families old TV.
There was an intense storm blaring outside.
The TV and lights started flickering a little bit.
The flickering became more intense.
The lightning had knocked down a powerline.
Finally the lights faded out.
All he could see was darkness.
All I could hear was the sound of my breath getting louder and faster.
I listened to the thunder and lightning going crack and bang.
I was scared and I quivered like crazy.
I slipt into my room and fell onto my bed.
My eyes were drooping.
When I finally started to doze off.
I heard a walloping bang of the front door.
I thought to myself 'What could it be? Is it a burglar?'
And finally, I thought 'Am I going to die?'
Suddenly my bedroom door opened revealing a dark shadow.
My heart was practically jumping out of my chest.
I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out.
Finally the shadow said to me
"Are you alright son?"

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