Thursday, 25 August 2016

Olympic Uniform Designs
Due to the Olympics in Rio we have decided to design our own Olympic uniform. We could make the uniform for any sport in the olympics. We had free range and could include anything that we thought would be useful and needy for the particular sport. It had to show New Zealand's culture and things significant about our country, if it be a koru, a fern or something that we felt linked with, it could be anything. It had to include colour and needed to show what the sport was by the look of it. Our class really enjoyed doing it because it let us be creative and it let us design something we really, really like.
I decided to design a uniform for archery because not many people know much about archery and don't know what happens. I feel that hidden sports should be appreciated most. I have a singlet, shorts, a bag for arrows and gloves so that the bow doesn't hurt their fingers. 
This is the start of my sports t-shirt. I think some of Room Two's outfits are ready for the athletes!

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