Monday, 5 September 2016

Tread lightly

Today we had a visit from the Tread Lightly crew, Laura and Sam. We went on a rotation around six activities;energy sourcing, finding out our environmental footprint,e-waste, geckos and vines and using a microscope. The energy sourcing was when we used a bike to power lights and an electrical sander.  We also had to turn a handle to power light bulbs and whizzer. It was actually harder than you'd think! E-waste is when you throw away phones. We learnt that phone companies purposely make the screen an easily able to break and coded it so that it would slow down in about four years. Whenever you say yes to an update it slows the phone and wreaks the battery. Phones have a type of gold in them but it is very small. If you change your phone every year you will go through 72 phones! And if you throw away a phone only every four years your average number of phones in your life would be 20. To find out our environmental footprint was answered questions on a touchscreen TV. My result was that if everyone lived like me we would need 2.6 earths. If feel really bad now! Geckos and vines was a New Zealand and enviromental take on snakes and ladders. If we landed on a gecko we would have to answer a New Zealand themed question. If we got it wrong we would slide down the tail. If we landed on a vine we had to answer a question. If we got it right we would climb up the vine. Using the microscope was quite fun. There were a range of things to look at; honeycombs, worms, wool and...dead animals, it was actually interesting! 
Before our rotation we learnt that if everyone in our school kept the water on while brushing their teeth, all that water would fill ten thousand bottles (ten thousand litres)!
I loved the tread lightly caravan, I need to keep thinking about what impact my actions have to the environment.
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