Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tread lightly caravan visit - Kaitlin

On the 6 of September Room 2 had the tread lightly caravan come and see us and we learnt about e waste, which meant electronic waste.  I learnt that a phone has gold inside it and that when a phone rusts it leeks this poison. That poison goes down to the ground and though the dirt and into the streams that take it in to the ocean and the poison can kill the sea life.We looked at some rubbish and saw that oranges and apples and grapes and strawberry where thrown in the bin instead of the compost can break down and we can use it for our dirt. We learnt that leaving the water on when we brush our teeth we use up five bottles of water and that is for two mins.We brush our teeth two times a day we will use up ten bottles a day and that's a lot of water.Next time you brush your teeth turn the tap of and remember to put your food scraps in the worm bin not the bin.​​              

  By Kaitlin

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