Sunday, 13 March 2016

Yes we are all still alive in Room 2!

We have had a busy few weeks with camps, testing and getting our routines back in place and we are now working like Trojans to produce some quality work to share with you.  We are doing some creative writing about camp experiences

The beginning of a piece by Charli F  (Lakewood Lodge)
Above me I can hear the warm night breeze rustling the leaves and branches overhead.  I can hear the crickets as they chirp out their loud night song.  I can almost feel the heat from the shimmering stars resting in the black sheet of sky. High above me owls and late night birds chatter among themselves flitting from branch to branch.

The beginning of a piece by Nicholas Bremer  (Piha)
Above me the scorching hot sun burning in the beautiful vibrant blue sky.  The birds squawking loudly in the cool summer air.  Breaking waves crashing loudly, carrying children to the shore then hopping quickly back out to sea.

Some camp photos from
Lakewood  Lodge.  Get your children to share the rest with you through their google drive.

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