Monday, 21 March 2016

Personal swimming success celebration

An article from Chris about his recent swimming experience.  Congratulations Chris.

My name is Chris and I joined HPK (Howick Pakuranga Swimming Club) in 2014.  This year is the first time I have qualified for the New Zealand Swimming Nationals Competition.  I was excited and nervous.  My Mum and Dad just wanted me to do my best at the competition.
Day 1 - 19th February, First event 50m Breastroke with a finishing time of 45:06. I was pretty happy when the coach told me that he got 9th place in the whole of New Zealand. 
Day 2 - 20th February, 200m Breastroke, I got 8th place in New Zealand, my time was 3:31.23. 
Day 3 - 21st February, two events in a row, first event was the 200m Individual Medley, my final time was 3.15, I got 18th place.  Last event 100m Breastroke.  I was hoping to make the top 5 or higher...and the result was 5th, with the finishing time of 1:37.85.  From the National Juniors, I now understand I will get great results if I train hard.  I also learnt I must stand up immediately after I make a mistake on one event, and pay attention to the next event
After the 2016 NZ National Juniors competition I start training for my next challenge – 11 years old NZ National Junior in 2017. 

My dream is to be an Olympic swimmer. I am working hard towards it!  My parents fully support me and hope my dream comes true.  


  1. Well done Chris - what amazing results. Keep it up! :)

  2. Awesome Chris - we are all behind you too!!! - I'm sure that all your classmates would love to say they went to school with Chris when they see you getting your Olympic medal one day!!!
    Keep up the hard work - you are very dedicated and it is showing in your results!

  3. What an amazing achievement Chris! I'd really like to share your success in the next school newsletter. I'm really pleased that you are ambitious and have set a goal for the 2017 Nationals now. All the best with training hard to achieve your goal!

  4. Wow, you're such a humble guy, Chris, and I really had no idea how exceptional you are in your chosen sport. Your parents must be super proud. Fantastic story of how hard work and dedication pays dividends. Yay!!!

  5. Thank you!:)