Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tadpole Crazy

Room 2 tadpole update

Kaitlin has recently brought into Room 2 some tadpoles from Kings Plant Barn.  We have had them for a week and a half and we give them one pinch of fish food everyday.  We gave them names by having a name the tadpole ceremony and they have ended up being called "The Dudes".  If you want to see the tadpoles come for a visit to Room 2.

For information about tadpoles and frogs click on the link below.

Kaitlin and Ayrton


  1. How exciting for you Room 2 to be looking after tadpoles! I look forward to seeing them grow and change over the next few weeks! Thanks for including the link about frogs as this will be really interesting for some learners to investigate.

  2. All of the tadpoles I ever had in my class never became frogs. I hope you have more luck than I did!

  3. These are very cool Room 2. I remember when I had tadpoles in my room a couple of years ago (they start to look really funny when they are half tadpole and half frog).

  4. I love tadpoles!

  5. This is so cool room 2. Brayden can remember when his brother did this in room 1 with Miss Coffer. Have they got legs yet?