Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ni Hao!

Today we learnt to greet and count to five in Chinese. Jim, our Chinese teacher taught us, he comes every Monday to teach us something new each week.

1 is Yi
2 is Er
3 is San
4 is Si
5 is Wu

We also learnt the Chinese symbols and how to write them in Chinese for Hello (Ni Hao) and one to five.

We can't wait until next Monday when we will learn to count 6-10 and hand symbols for numbers.

Teresa and Charli

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  1. Ni hao room Er! I really enjoyed my lesson yesterday too! I found pronouncing the numbers difficult to remember but I'm getting there! I liked knowing about the symbols on top of the letters to know when to change your voice. Did you see the video I posted on the school Facebook page of counting Chinese numbers 1-5?